Intra-Country European Oak flooring

European Oak flooring

Forming part of the Intra-Parket Range, a trusted European brand, the Country Collection is the result of many years of commitment to product development and traditional craftsmanship. This product range is now available to the Australian market, offering a beautiful European oak flooring and decking range, with options to purchase Oak hardware and material for cladding, walls and much more. The Intra-Country Collection is an evolution in hand-scraped hardwood flooring that adds character, style and a strong sense of comfort and luxury to any home or business. Check out the range of colours available in the Intra-Parket catalogue or contact us for a free sample today.

Offering the latest in style and trends

With almost a century of experience, our European supplier makes it possible to provide the latest styles, trends and technology to the construction industry, while ensuring the highest quality and service.

These beautiful 240mm wide, European white Oak boards are sourced from France and regions of Germany, are highly versatile and customisable to your home or business. The deep brushed raw effect of the scraped knots, in combination with the cracks, give the floor the character of recycled wood - reflecting a style used many centuries ago.

Why choose European Oak flooring?

European Oak is extremely hard wearing and best of all, this timber variation improves with age. You’ll find the colour of the Oak becomes deeper and more full-bodied the older it gets.

The wide variety of attractive grain patterns in European Oak makes it one of the most popular and versatile timber choices. We offer lacquered and oiled Oak, so you can customise it perfectly to suit your needs.

Why buy from us?

We are dedicated to bring quality European products to Australian shores, expanding the current market offering for Australian consumers. Contact us for a free sample today.

Easy to maintain

This easy-wear flooring is effortless to maintain, and is resistant to fungal growth and insect infestation. Give your home or business place an air of opulence and prestige with our internationally engineered Oak boards. Most importantly, our customers can reap the rewards of a solid structure that won’t shrink or swell over time.

Eco-friendly material

Intra-Parket’s core manufacturing value is to make use of environmentally friendly production methods and raw materials, from ecologically, well-managed forests and suppliers.

Easy to install

Intra-Parket Oak is ideal for commercial and residential application. Plus, it can be installed in combination with radiant heating systems, as well as floor cooling systems.

Range of colour options

We are the exclusive Australian supplier of the Intra-Parket range. Our Intra-Parket catalogue lists our extensive range of colour and styling options.