Australia's first pre-finished, coloured Merbau decking!

We’re excited to announce an Australian first – a game changing, high-end range of outdoor decking! Never before seen in this country, European Hardware is proud to introduce StarVintage – the country's first pre-finished and coloured Merbau decking.

Our Director Michael said the decking was unique to the market, as it can easily be matched to the tone and colour of indoor timber flooring - creating a seamless experience from the inside to the outdoors.

“Australians spend a large amount of their time living outdoors – and until now, creativity and colour choice were limited when it came to timber for outdoor entertainment areas,” Michael said.

"What I’m really excited about in offering this decking to the market is enabling Australians various colour choices in timber, which means they can pick the decking that best complements their interior colour scheme.

"This new indoor/outdoor concept will revolutionise the way people choose their timber flooring from now into the future."

The Merbau decking is 'washed' in the factory under high pressure, then it undergoes a pre-bleeding treatment, after which it is kiln dried.

After this, two weeks of stabilising followed by a manual treatment produces two products:

  • deep brushed

  • sawn carved.

Finally, the Merbau decking is oiled on all six sides with Rubio Monocoat. The face side comes in a beautiful coloured oil, and backside and sides are oiled with natural colour oil for protection. There are currently four colours to choose from, with more to come.

As with our exclusive French Oak timber flooring, our pre-finished decking can be used in outside-the-box projects like screening, outdoor bars and furniture, cladding - the possibilities are endless! Read here about our latest creative project - the front desk with a difference.

Contact us today if you’d like a representative from European Hardware to introduce you to our exclusive StarVintage decking range. This range is set to grow over the coming months, so keep an eye out for new colour choices.

*We invest to ensure that all of our timber is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC), and meets the requirements and criteria for sustainable forest management.

Jackie Wilson