Large Quantity Timber Supply is Available!


If you’re looking to to work on large-scale timber projects or even wanting to start your own trade or importing business, then we can help! We currently supply a number of importers, builders, developers, project managers, estimator and other business opportunist.


What Timber Products do we sell?


We have access to a wide variety of timber products for all of your hardware needs including flooring, roofing, decking and everything in between. Our supplies come from all over the world ensuring that we have the right product for the right job, testing it to meet the harsh Australian climate. If there is a specific type of material you’re after, please contact us for a quote or browse through our product range below.


Pay Less with Factory Pricing


When starting a new project you should definitely be considering all aspects of your job requirements, especially the final costs. Having such a strong relationship with our suppliers, we can deliver a large range of timber supplies for a fraction of the price you would pay at retail stores.
Buying directly from us allows you to benefit from the low cost and excellence customer service. Simply contact us today or visit your local retailer to get a quote or discuss your project requirements.


Our Delivery Guarantee


Don’t get caught out not receiving your materials on time or paying more than you can afford. Contact us to get a quote to ensure that you get the cheapest price available, buying from an Australian company that offers security and quality. We guarantee that all jobs quoted and ordered through us, will be supplied as per our time frame or your money back. That’s service and delivery that you can’t pass up!


Available Timber Products


Below is a list of products we have available in our European warehouses. Please be aware that samples can take up to two weeks to arrive.


Plywood, Filmfaced Plywood, MDF, Fibreboard, Chipboard and Plasterboard

Laminate Flooring
Laminated Flooring and Skirting.

Hardwood Flooring
Real Hardwood Flooring, Oak and Other species Available, including Glues, Skirting and Profiles.


Wall Cladding
Exterior Compact Laminate, Building Panels, Wood & Plastic Cladding

Garden Timber
Fences, Decking, Screening & Retainers

Mineral Wool, Glass Wool, Sound Insulation, Polystyrene and Foils

Solid Wood Panels, Veneered Boards, Worktops, Sills, Plastic Glass

Wall & Ceiling
Suspension Systems & Accessories

Solid Wood Panels & Recycled Wood Panels, Veneered Boards, Worktops, Sills, Plastic Glass

Underfloor for different applications – Flooring Sheets to Underlays

HPL & Volker Sheets

Doors & Frames
Inside and Outside Doors, Frames, Door Profiles and Wood for Windows and Frames. Luxury Range available