With a strong focus on quality imports, European Hardware sources its internationally engineered flooring materials from only the best overseas manufacturers. Tapping into a production line that runs globally this guarantees us innovation and an ever-evolving product rage. This also means we can deliver beautiful, lavish products to the Australian market, formerly only available to overseas consumers.


Our Aim


Our suppliers have delivered 3,000 different product lines to its clients in the past twenty years, providing a huge growth to the European trade and hardware market. Our aim, as an exclusive supplier, is to deliver these products to the Australian market providing the latest designs and trends, as they hit Europe.

Having such a strong brand alliance with our partners, means we can deliver our entire product range for only a fraction of the price that you would pay at retail stores. So, if you’re interested in a quote, contact us today or visit your local retailer to find out how much you would save with European Hardware.