Providing Materials and Hardware for the Australian Market


Working closely with our national building and construction industry, we are a trade-only business with the aim to increase the variety of materials and hardware available on the Australian market. Our brand and manufacturing partners are across the latest in European décor so our range remains relevant and versatile.

We believe in quality, people and growth. This runs through everything we do – the highest quality in products, the right people for the job and growth within the Australian trade industry.


Our Hardware and Timber Products


We are the exclusive distributor of Intra-Parket and StarVintage brands providing slick, traditional hardwood timber flooring, gentle European oak indoor flooring and stable hardwood outdoor decking.

We have a cost-effective luxury solution for all homes and businesses for indoor and outdoor flooring, decking, cladding, roofing and so much more.


We take the risk out of the process


We have built strong relationships with our overseas suppliers ensuring that our products are the highest quality standards, delivered on-time and quality checked by our staff members.

If you’ve ever dealt with overseas suppliers you may have found this process difficult, having less control of the final cost or product standards and, if problems does arise, communication break-down or the language difference can make it extremely hard to resolve. We take the risk out of this process by having trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers to ensure every step of our manufacturing and delivery process meets our high expectations. This allows us to deliver on our low-cost promise to our customers.


European Hardware Brings Intra-Country to Australia


With a commitment to quality international product, European Hardware strives to have the most innovative and adaptable products available to the Australian public. As an exclusive distributor, we work directly with our European manufacturers to ensure we bring fresh, modern materials to the Australian shores. Our relationship with the Australian construction industry is strong and reputable as we always strive to offer the best value on our imported goods. The price of our goods reflects only a fraction of the quality you will receive, making European Hardware a leader in affordable international flooring products.